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Dependable Dryer Vent Cleaning in Virginia, Maryland and DC

When your clothes are taking too long to dry, it is hotter in the dryer area, or you notice that too much lint is caught in the lint trap: these are all signs that you need to have your dryer vents cleaned. Reach out to Duct Clean Pro immediately. We are a dependable company offering thorough dryer vent cleaning in Virginia, Maryland, and DC

A dirty dryer vent can impact its performance as well as be a source of fires. During the drying process, a highly flammable material called lint is formed. If you let lint accumulate over time, it will combust and cause a fire. Let us clean your dryer vent to keep you safe from fires and ensure your clothes dry faster.
After separating the dryer duct from the dryer, we will thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the duct. The dirt inside the dryer will also be removed.
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